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How to Book the Black Bottom Biscuits for your Festival, Event, Club or Party

We do two kinds of shows, basically- we can do a show entirely of our own music, or we can do our own music mixed in with some of the finest classic country, classic rock and southern rock songs ever written.

If you’re wanting us for a listening room, concert series or music festival and are catering to a sophisticated listening audience, we are happy to do an entire performance of music from our catalog of CD’s and new ones we haven’t recorded yet.

If you’re having an event where you are after “general entertainment” and want something that “Joe Everyman” can enjoy, we’ll mix in some great classic American music of all genres with our own songs. Both approaches have worked well for us in the past in almost every imaginable situation.

Within this framework, though, we can tailor our performance to your event in another way- if you would like us to lean towards the country side of what we do, or to focus more on the rock side of our repertoire, we can do this if you let us know in advance of the date so we can plan a great program of music for you.

Other Options

We are happiest performing as a full band and try to keep our rates reasonable so that we can fit the whole band into as many budgets as possible.

But sometimes, for reasons of lower budgets and/or space available, we can perform in other configurations than the whole 5-piece electric band:

We can do a 3-piece acoustic performance in these situations where there is no room for the whole group.
Once in awhile, Arnie Jones can be persuaded to do a solo appearance, great for smaller, intimate groups and functions.

We care about every performance our band does and will work with you to create a memorable experience for your event.

Let’s Talk

Contact Arnie Jones at 803-800-7122  to book the band, and get ready for some great home-grown Southern music from South Carolina!